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Dolon Nor

Dolon Nor (simplified Chinese: 多伦淖尔; traditional Chinese: 多倫淖爾; pinyin: Duō lún Nào’ĕr; Mongolian: Долоон нуур, Doloon nuur, seven lakes; also: To-lun, Dolonnur), is a town and the county seat of Duolun County, Xilin Gol League in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, China. It is of historical importance because the remnants of Shangdu, the summer capital of Kublai Khan and the following Mongol emperors of the Yuan dynasty (13th and 14th century), are located some 28 kilometers (17 miles) northwest of the modern town. Beginning in the 17th century, the Manchu emperors of the Qing dynasty developed the city as a religious center. - Wikipedia (en), 19.10.2017

Innere MongoleiDolon Nor
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