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Thomas Rückert (Instrumentenmacher) (1532-1606)

"Thomas Rückert (scientific instrument maker; goldsmith/metalworker; German; Male; c.1575 - c.1581; active) Also known as: Rückert, Thomas Biography: Instrument maker Thomas Rückert from Augsburg is known as the maker of a number of hodometers in about 1575 at the request of August I, the Elector of Saxony. In 1581 he received a privilege from the Holy Roman Emperor for his hodometer. The design of his instruments was copied by other instrument makers such as Erasmus Habermel. Bibliography: Mario Biagioli, From Print to Patents: Living on Instruments in Early Modern Europe, History of Science 44 (2006), pp.139-186, esp. 142-3. EPACT [] Zinner 1967, pp.239, 331 and 604." -, 30.12.2017 GND unter Thomas Rucker: "Lebensdaten: 1532-1606 (Geburtsjahr ca.), Handwerker", 30.12.2017

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Created Thomas Rückert (Instrumentenmacher) (1532-1606)
[Relation to person or institution] August von Sachsen (Kurfürst) (1526-1586) ()