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Taxile Doat (1851-1938)

Taxile Doat (1851-1939) was a French potter who is primarily known for his experimentation with high-fired porcelain (grand feu) and stoneware using the pâte-sur-pâte technique. His book on these techniques Grand Feu Ceramics was published in 1905 and helped spread his discoveries internationally. His influence is apparent in the types of glazes and approaches used in studio pottery in the twentieth century. - Wikipedia (en), 30.12.2017

Object-mediated relations to other actors

(The left column names relations of this actor to objects in the right column. In the middle you find other actors in relation to the same objects.)

Created Taxile Doat (1851-1938)
Created Ytiga Noumata (1873-1954) ()