"The word taxidermy is derived from the Greek words taxis and derma. Taxis means "arrangement", and derma means "skin" (the dermis). The word taxidermy translates to "arrangement of skin".

Taxidermy is practiced primarily on vertebrates (mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and less commonly on amphibians) but can also be done to larger insects and arachnids under some circumstances. Taxidermy takes on a number of forms and purposes including hunting trophies and natural history museum displays. Museums use taxidermy as a method to record species, including those that are extinct and threatened, in the form of study skins and life-size mounts. Taxidermy is sometimes also used as a means to memorialize pets." - ( 26.11.2019)

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Igel / BraunbrustigelWaldohreule / Asio otusWaldohreule / Asio otusEichelhäher / Garrulus glandariusFlugbild Eichelhäher / Garrulus glandariusWaschbär / Procyon lotor
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